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Changes have been made to this year's schedule.  There will be interesting speakers discussing topics you requested!

Please see Meeting Information tab for more information.

Letter from FMAA Board of Director

Happy New Year

to all FMAA Members & Past Supporters!

With changing times, many associations have noticed decreased membership and less attendance to seminars due to on-line educational webinars and companies’ decreased educational budgets.  At the Board Meeting in October 2016, we voted to eliminate one quarterly meeting and offer a one full day conference.  Our intent was to reduce the expense of attending July’s half day meeting, while offering FMAA members the same annual continuing educational units (CEUs) by attending our full day conference in October.  Fortunately, FMAA has the continued technical support from AvMed that allows FMAA to host a video-conference in many locations across Florida while reducing travel expenses for our members. FMAA would like to thank AvMed.  (Reference FMAA 2017 Meeting Schedule details below.)

Lastly, please check your mail for the 2017 FMAA ballot.  We need it returned ASAP in the enclosed self-addressed envelope, or take it to the meeting on January 20th where the final vote will be announced.

FMAA Board Message sent after October 2016 Meeting:

Greetings FMAA Members,

FMAA October Board Meeting voted to keep our Association alive until the end of 2017. At that time, we will evaluate FMAA 2017 Goals to increase membership, improve attendance at meetings and elect new board members.  Without your participation and help to accomplish these goals, the Association will dissolve.  

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FMAA Letter Continued

We have an exciting 2017 Year planned that will increase the value of being a member of FMAA.  Changes made on the quarterly seminars will reduce time away from work to improve members’ ability to attend our seminars. 

  1.       Florida Hospital Association (FHA) offered to allow FMAA members a discounted rate (same as FHA members) to attend their annual two day compliance workshop held in June 2017.  This is a terrific opportunity to attend their workshop with nationally recognized speakers at a discounted price.  Stay tuned as the details develop.

2.       Due to increasing difficulties for members to take educational days at work, the Board voted to eliminate July’s seminar.  Our October meeting in Orlando will be a full day seminar, with the support of FHA. 

FMAA 2017 Meeting Schedule:

Date          Presentation           Host/Location

 January 20:  Neuro/Ethics  -  FMAA/HealthSouth in Sunrise, FL

 April 21:  Fraud, Waste, Abuse   -   FMAA/AvMed Statewide Video-conference in six locations

 June: Florida Hospital Association Two Day Compliance Workshop

 October:   FMAA/FHA One Day Seminar in Orlando, FL

Lastly, it is time for you to complete your Ballots and vote for the new Board members.  If you or someone you know would like to shadow a Board member this year and run for a position next year, we would love to mentor you. Contact Nancy Odeh at 941-330-5014 or any Board member.    


FMAA Board

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